Every donation helps support our progress and is greatly appreciated. If you're interested in supporting the Biddeford Mills Museum, you may learn about our donation structure or purchase a limited edition Heirloom Cribbage Board.

Pepperell Mills Heirloom Cribbage Board

Pepperell Mills Heirloom Cribbage Board

Own a slice of history.

Pepperell Mills
Heirloom Cribbage Board

with commemorative laser printing
on the face of the board

Pepperell Mills Heirloom Cribbage Board

Heirloom cribbage boards are made from historic flooring
that dates back to the start of the Pepperell Mill, 1844 - 1846.
These cribbage boards are in stock and available
for a donation of $30 to the Biddeford Mills Museum.


Watch the video from the Portland Press Herald:

In Biddeford, cribbage links generations of mill families
A fundraising project triggers memories for families with ties to Biddeford's iconic textile mills.


Available at Round Turn Gin Distillery through the holiday season!
32 Main Street Bldg 13W Ste 103

Available at Heart of Biddeford while supplies last!
Monday - Friday 10 am - 2 pm
Heart of Biddeford office
205 Main Street

In addition to purchasing a cribbage board at Heart of Biddeford,
you can send an email to for more information or to make a purchase.
(Please do not send credit card numbers through email as it is not secure.)



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