Outreach Programs

Mill Lecture Series presented by the Mills Museum

Historical Research and Exhibits: the Museum staff is excited about doing research on a wide variety of interesting subjects and creating exhibits at the Museum to communicate their influence. Listed below are some of the topics of interest:

  • The Mill Girls

  • Pepperell's First 50 Years

  • Pepperell's Second 50 Years

  • Pepperell's Third 50 years

  • Francis T. Spencer, A Man and His Blanket

  • The Vellux Era

  • Trains and Street Cars

  • The Clipper Ships of Biddeford

  • The Albanian Immigrants in Biddeford

  • The Greek Immigrants in Biddeford

  • The Irish and Scot Immigrants in Biddeford

  • The Asian Immigrants in Biddeford

  • The African Immigrants in Maine

  • McArthur and His 22 Nation Melting Pot

If you would like to set up a Historical Research Mill Lecture at your business or in the mills, contact us today to discuss what we can do!

Past Events

We had an extremely eventful Summer and Fall of 2013. Thank you for showing so much support for our recent endeavors – from Tours offered by mill alumni and museum board members, to views of the Moving Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress, to the Halloween Tours, to the Restoration of the WWII Pepperell Veterans Plaque.

We have more events planned, so please check back often!


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