To properly tell the story of this Mill's past is a formidable task. It takes people: many different kinds of thinkers, as well as many different kinds of doers. Both doers and thinkers join in on the creation of a living, breathing active museum.

Board of Directors

  • Don Guillerault, Founding Tour Guide and Treasurer

  • Jeff Cabral (President)

  • Jon Edstrom (Vice-President)

  • Priscilla McGuire (Secretary)

  • Dotty Mathes (Treasurer)

  • David Bishop

  • Jim LaBelle

  • Doug Sanford, Ex-Officio

  • Brad Favreau, Ex-Officio, Economic Development Coordinator, City of Biddeford

Biddeford Mills Museum Volunteer Staff

  • Dave Bishop, Collections & Archives

  • Don Guillerault, Museum Education, (1943-2017)

  • Ray Henault, Museum Education

  • Dotty Mathes, Museum Education

  • Priscilla McGuire, Museum Education

  • Betty Ann Richard, Social Media Outreach